Patina Effect using Dixie Belle Paints

Hey everyone!  I have an exciting new product to tell you about.


Dixie Belle Paints has now came out with a way to duplicate the look of Patina!  Available in Copper, Bronze and Iron!  And I just love the way they come out!!

If you’ve ever tried to copy the look of patina on metal then you’ll be amazed at how easy this technique is.


Here’s what you need to know….

  1. First is prep: on non-metal pieces, just paint any color with Dixie Belle Paint; on metal surfaces you need to use the Prime Start product first. (this protects the piece from corrosion)
  2. Choose your ‘metal’ paint.  Either Copper, Bronze or Iron. Paint your piece and let it dry.
  3. When the paint has dried, add a 2nd coat and while the paint is still wet you spray it with the activator spray in your choice of blue or green.
  4. Now the MAGIC starts.  Over the next 6 hours the paint will patina due to a chemical reaction.  I am pretty impatient so I usually speed up the process with a heat gun.

The reason this works is because there is actual metal in the paint and the result is a True Patina not just a piece painted to look like patina.

Think of all the ways you can use this

  • old figurines from the 70’s and 80’s
  • glass vases and jars
  • ugly metal home decor items
  • wooden letters from the craft stores
  • furniture
  • and on and on!!!

If you are local to our shop, stop in for a lesson or a demo and the supplies.  Or if you’re farther away, visit our website ( and under the Shop tab you can order everything you need and it is only $9 flat rate shipping!!


October News

A quick Hello!!

This is a busy month for us, on the 15th & 16th we will be at The Marketplace at At Adam’s Farm in Walpole.  This is the second annual event and this year it has grown to 30+ artisans, junkers, and collectors of all things Vintage!! There will be Live Music, Food, and awesome One Of A Kinds! If you are interested its located at 999 North St, Walpole Ma. $5 admission (under 12 free) 10a-4p both days.

And did I mention FREE DEMOS both days!  I’ll be showing all the products including all the new ones like Sea Spray, Dixie Dirt, Swamp Mud, Gel Stains and more…..

Because this is such a BIG event for us we’ve decided to close the shop Oct 14-16 to pack up, set up and show the market.  If you need any Dixie Belle Products during this event, please let us know and we’ll make arrangements to get you what you need!

Also this month we will be having another “Which Craft” This month it’s a sign featuring a 1 word saying and an attached apothecary bottle as a bud vase.  Such a cute and useful way to UPCYCLE.  I will be posting a photo on facebook by the end of the week.  You will get to choose “your word” and of course your colors.  (example: gather, thankful, welcome, or even you last name! endless possibilities)

Don’t forget we offer Private Workshops of all kinds… Furniture painting, signs, crafts, transfers and more.  Message us for pricing, dates, and more info (

See you soon at the shop!  And here’s a little advanced notice…. We are having a Holiday Open House November 4th and 5th!  We’ll be all decked out for Christmas with loads of Vintage goodness and gifts galore!!

Kitchen Makeovers with Dixie Belle Paints!

This Spring and early Summer  was all about updating kitchens.


Before and After

Kitchen #1.  My son moved in to a house built in the 1960’s and it still has the original cabinets.  They’re in good shape and he’s not ready to replace them so we decided to give his kitchen an updated look with Dixie Belle Paint.

All prep work was done ahead of time, which basically consisted of a good ‘ole cleaning with TSP & door removal.

The color they chose was Hurricane Gray.  It is a True grey, rich without undertones of other colors.

So with St. Patty’s day dinner cooking, (Corned Beef and Cabbage, of course) We started painting.

The paint goes on smooth and dries Super Fast, so fast that the entire kitchen was painted in one day!! With 2 Coats!!! Boom! All Done!!

Me being me I forgot to take up my Satin Clear Coat so the finish was applied later… And they chose to go with Easy Peasy Spray Wax instead…. and who could blame them… Shake, Mist, Wipe, wait 30 minutes, Repeat! That’s It!

Now they have an updated kitchen at a fraction of the cost!  Looks beautiful!


Kitchen makeover # 2 was at my moms house.  She lives out of state, & I had a limited time there, so unfortunately I didn’t get to see first hand to entire finished project.  But the beauty of Dixie Belle Paint is its Ease of Use.

img_20160605_102753043.jpg img_20160605_115917810.jpg img_20160605_110322375.jpg img_20160607_085554793.jpg

Together with my mom we tackled the cleaning, removing door, drawers and hardware.  Made sure to number them all so we’d remember where they all went back.

Now for the fun to start!  This was the kitchen of my childhood so I was so excited to change it up!  Mom chose Fluff as her color. It is Dixie Belle Paints whitest white.  Because we were covering a Med to Dark stain, with a shiny finish it took us 3 light coats.  My style is layering light coats as opposed to fewer thicker coats.  Just my preference, not necessarily the  “right” way but I have success this way.  After the paint has a day or so to cure we applied Clear Coat in Satin as a protective layer.

img_20160605_140228860.jpg img_20160605_122826023_top.jpg img_20160607_174227968.jpg

When we were all done and the doors replaced, (and I went home…) My mom finished up the last section of kitchen on her on.


Last week a got a new photo.  The next step in her makeover… Granite is in!! Looks so Beautiful! I can’t wait to see it in person!! Last up is painting the walls…

All Done!!

All Done!9103.jpeg

As always, I hope you enjoyed this, and maybe even got inspired to do your own DIY project!!

Dena ~Re-Claym’d Market

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Boring Vase No More

We all have those unused vases, you know the ones…. someone gave you flowers, now you feel guilty about throwing away the vase.  So, you put in the basement or the back of a cabinet to collect dust.

Well, here is a quick Up Cycle you can do to bring them back to life!  As you all know by now I am a rep for the Dixie Belle Mineral Paint company and recently they came out with a line of Metallic paints.  Silver, Copper, and Gold. So I decided to use them to dress up a boring vase.

First, as always clean and dry the vases, (or any surface you plan to paint) decide on the look you want, tape up the vase and get started!

I choose to go with a simple stripe look.  But other fun patterns would be polka-dots, chevron, silhouettes, etc.

This new paint line has a 2 part system.  A Base Coat and a Top Coat. First, I used the Silver color, applied 2 coats of the Base Coat with dry time in between. Before moving on to the Top Coat.  Again, use a second coat if you feel it’s necessary.  I wanted a super shiny look so I gave it a second coat.

Now simply remove the tape, clean up any bleed marks, and Enjoy!!!

No need for a top coat on this one…. Yay!!

Hope you liked this one!! Another quick and easy project for the summer!

Thanks for reading!

Patriotic Project


In honor of Independence Day, we thought we’d give you a quick little project that you can make to show pride in the USA!

You’ll need

  1. Jars, I used Mason Jars but any jar would be fine
  2. paint, I used Dixie Belle Mineral Paints in Bunker Hill Blue, Barn Red, and Drop Cloth
  3. painters tape, brushes, sanding block and clean up supplies
  4. Optional…. Best Dang Wax and Dixie Dirt (Dixie Belle Paint products) and Candles!!

Before you begin, make sure your jars are clean and dry.  Then decide how you want your colors divided up.  I kept mine fairly equal, but that was my choice, you can make yours look the way you want.

Tape off the area that will be your ‘white’.


I started painting the bottom 3rd first.  I used Bunker Hill Blue.  I was painting 3 jars at the same time so I painted all the blue areas before I moved onto painting the ‘red’ areas.

The top 3rd, of the jars is now painted Barn Red.  I chose to do it this way so that the top and the bottom portions of the jars can now be left to dry at the same time.

When the reds and blues are Completely dry… Remove the painters tape, and any paint bleeds, now you are ready to paint your ‘white’ in the center 3rd.  I chose Drop Cloth as my white color and because I did not want to risk pulling off any of my reds or blues… I painted on the Drop Cloth with a small detail brush free-hand.  It’s not as intimidating as it sounds and this is a fun little project so give it a try!!

Your project could be complete now if this is the look you like.  I like the rustic look to I grabbed a sanding block and distressed the painted areas to give it an aged look. Followed by Dixie Belle Paint company’s Best Dang Wax and Dixie Dirt.  (photo at Beginning is the finished project)

***If you’re not sure about how to use Dixie Dirt you can take a look at my You-tube video… (these were among my first videos Ever…. so bare with me, I promise they’re short- but informative)  Dixie Dirt Demo #1 and Dixie Dirt demo #2

Finished Jars came out awesome!  Add a little tealight and you are DONE!! You could do this with other colors as well.  Red and green for Christmas, pastels around Easter and Spring,  & maybe deep yellows, orange, and browns for Fall.  Have Fun with it!

….before I forget I wanted to remind you that the reason I chose Dixie Belle Paints for this project is because of the superior adhesion qualities and the coverage I get with ONE Coat, even on Glass!!  & because it’s non-toxic and 100% VOC free this is a perfect projects to do with the kiddos!! Message me for more info and how to order your own Dixie Belle Paint Products)

Thanks for Reading!!!





Adding a little Something…

Back in February I had the opportunity to travel to Florida to attend Dixie Belle Paint Company’s first ever workshop convention.   A new product was revealed to us at that time.  Swamp Mud…. so what is Swamp Mud??


Well, it’s a product that can be used in a few different ways, like to add dimension, repair veneer, to add an impression of a leaf, stamp, key, etc. and so on.  Very Cool!!

Today I’m sharing a simple how-to on adding some dimension…

Here it is

img_20160325_171404013.jpg Super Thick!!!!

I took a plain board, secured a stencil** where I wanted to add a “little something”, then I used the back of a plastic spoon to apply the Swamp Mud over the cut out areas of the stencil.  I chose the white color because I knew I would be painting it after and the color wouldn’t matter.

After you’ve applied the Swamp Mud, you’ll need to lift the stencil STRAIGHT UP to remove it from the board, (or whatever piece you are working on…) so not to smear the image.

The hard part of any project I’m working on is the dry time…. This one is no different, except the dry time is 12 HOURS!!!  Like torture to me…

When it’s Completely Dry you have choices, to sand or not to sand… I’ve done both, on this particular project I did sand.

Next, on to painting…. according to your desire.  Use any style or color you want.

Here is what I did.

I choose Hurricane Gray as a base coat, dry brushed Drop Cloth, highlighted the ‘raised’ area by dry brushing Peacock.

Thought I was all donethen… I got my latest re-stock order and ANOTHER NEW PRODUCT came for me to play with.

We now carry a more traditional wax, as a matter of fact it’s the Best Dang Wax… available in clear, brown, and black.  But the most exciting part is that we now have something called Dixie Dirt that works along with wax to add character and interest to pieces.  There will be a future post on this but for now here is the finished project, I hope you like it!


* a note on clean up.  DO NOT RINSE IN YOUR SINK! It will harden and ruin your plumbing!  Use baby wipes or wet paper towels to wipe off your stencils and tools used! Then simply toss in the trash!

** the stencil used is from Dixie Belle Paint Co

Thanks for reading!  Wanna give it a try????  Message me to order or stop in to the store if you are local!

I’m back…..

So I really didn’t go away, but I did decide in late Fall to bite off more than I can chew… the result was the blog took the back burner.

Since my last writing, I have made MAJOR changes!!

Screenshot (3)

The biggest one is I expanded my business from being a space renter in a multi-dealer type store to opening Re-Claym’d Market, a stand alone shop!!! And I’ve never been happier!!  This was always a dream in the back of my mind, and recently all the pieces started falling into place.

At Re-Claym’d Market we proudly offer Dixie Belle Paint products, and of course furniture that has been re-styled, re-purposed, and re-newed.  We sell lots of ‘one of a kinds’, originals, and created pieces, some things are new, some vintage, and gift items.  As a small local business, we wanted to also offer goods designed by local artisans to encourage people to shop small.  Many of the artisans do custom work as well.

There will be new and fresh ‘treasures’ coming in almost daily.  So shop often!! haha

The new location has room for regular workshops to teach painting techniques to my paint customers.  We’ve had a few already, and other than working out minor hiccups they went smoothly!!! Keep an eye on the calendar for future workshops.  We also offer private workshops if you want to gather a few friends to learn something new, have a few laughs, and finish a small item to keep.

Now that I’m getting back into a routine I’ll start blogging regularly again, and offer more how-to’s.

So THANKS for staying with me… The Best Is Yet To Come!

sneak peak… This stuff is AWESOME!!!


New Product: Swamp Mud!!!


You can’t ride in my little red wagon…

So, this isn’t a post about Miranda Lambert’s song, but it is about a sad, little worn out wagon that I was able to reinvent into a usable home accessory.

The wagon was in pretty bad shape.  So much rust… But I knew there was a gem in there somewhere.


First I needed to remove the wheels.  Sounds easy enough right?  NOT!!! I had to bring in reinforcements.  So after a struggle we got the wheels off!!!

Next I had to get off any loose rust, peeling paint and grim.  I used a small metal bristle brush for this.

To protect the wagon from any further damage I sprayed it with a clear Rustoleum paint.  I liked the worn and rusty look so I didn’t paint it with a color.  I did line the inside with a piece of sheet metal to help strengthen the interior for its new purpose. I used a silicone caulk around the edge.


Last I mounted the wagon top to an old iron sewing machine base i literally found in the woods.

wpid-img_20151008_181519966.jpg wpid-img_20151024_100421350_hdr.jpg

Wouldn’t this be awesome on your deck, filled with ice and loaded with your favorite beverage??!!  or maybe topped with a piece of glass and used as a table!  So many possibilities.

Thanks for reading!!


What does sewing and wine have in common…


Here are 2 projects that I completed.  The top is the drawers from an old sewing machine and the other is a Martha Washington Sewing cabinet.

Here’s how the drawer makeover went.  They started out like this,  I had 2 sets that I refinished to match in case the same person bought both…

wpid-img_20150912_103613975.jpg wpid-img_20150912_103546798.jpgwpid-img_20150925_181242814.jpg

Here are the steps I used in this project.

  1. Clean all the surfaces
  2. Paint using Dixie Belle Paint in Dried Sage
  3. distress the front details and edges using 220 grit sanding block
  4. apply protective coat of Easy Peasy Spray Wax by Dixie Belle paint
  5. last, lightly apply Black Glaze to details for interest.

While working on this project I discovered that the drawers are the perfect size to hold wine bottles! The drawers even lock if you want to keep the contents private.  How cool is that!  I really wanted to keep this one but I didn’t have the counter space.

Next project is the Martha Washington Sewing/Knitting cabinet.  This was a simple and basic paint project. The cabinet was in great shape.  I couldn’t find a makers mark any where on the cabinet but thanks to Google I was able to date it at between 1915-1930 as a reproduction.  The color was espresso, it was plain and very uninteresting.


All I had to do to update this timeless beauty was add a little paint.  I choose Dixie Bell Paint’s Dropcloth and only painted the drawer fronts ad top.  I left the knobs in their original color.  After I used Clear Coat Satin to protect the painted areas.   I this the look is much more finished and could be used almost anywhere.  As a night table, end table, at your entry for storage and so on.


Hope these inspire you to look at old furniture in a new way.

Thanks for reading!  Please Share!!


The Show is now in the Rear View Mirror….

Last month I participated in an awesome Vintage Market! Marketplace photo It was a huge success, met tons of nice people and made some fantastic connections.

Here are some of the photos from the market….

wpid-img_20151024_100344089_hdr.jpg wpid-img_20151025_100520057_hdr.jpg wpid-img_20151024_100431994_hdr.jpg wpid-img_20151024_100504697.jpg wpid-img_20151025_095840100.jpg wpid-img_20151025_113205274_hdr.jpg wpid-img_20151025_095808198.jpg wpid-img_20151025_163555706.jpg wpid-img_20151024_100443118.jpg

My next post will be on one of the projects pictured.  Now to choose which one……

This was a short but sweet post, but I’ll be back tomorrow!!!

Thanks ~ Dena